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About Us

Daayani Yoga is the fiery hellspawn of Lianna Halko and Jenna Mannino, two likeminded weirdos who share a love of yoga, art of all mediums, and the supernatural. 

Daayani, meaning supernatural female being, serves as their inspiration to create a cauldron of diversity and strength without limitation. They believe that the yoga experience can be enhanced by embracing all sides of the human experience, rather than focusing so hard on “letting go” of things that might make us uncomfortable; both the good and bad, sacred and evil, quiet and loud, regular and bizarre. Daayani encourages people to tap into their internal fire, however it may have been ignited, and use it as a catalyst for change, transformation, and growth. 


Daayani's mission is to bring unique pop-up style yoga classes to nontraditional locations, focusing on unity and creativity by including various DIY vendors, artists, and musicians at each event. Students can expect classes that are fun and challenging, yet open to all-levels of yogis with no prior experience required. Everyone is welcomed and accepted.

As a community we unite to build the fire and burn the rest!

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